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DTF Ink Black label front
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DTF Ink Black label back

DTF Ink Premium Black

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Premium Black DTF Ink

Vivid, saturated colors, perfect details, and absolutely flawless shade reproduction

OEKO-TEX® ECO Passport Certificate

OEKO-TEX ECO Passport certificate

Capacity: 1000 ml
  • 250 ml
  • 500 ml
  • 1000 ml

Our Premium Black DTF Ink is a guarantee of vivid and saturated colors, perfect details, and absolutely flawless shade reproduction. Your creations will become true works of art. 

Vibrant Colors:

The base color of our ink is intensely white, ensuring that all colors are exceptionally realistic, vivid, and perfectly capture the essence of original designs. Additionally, our white color is incredibly flexible, eliminating the risk of prints cracking during stretching. CMYK colors accurately replicate what the designer sees on their screen, maintaining intensity and saturation. Our ink guarantees that every detail and nuance will be rendered in incredible detail, giving your projects a professional appearance.


Resistance to wear and fading are features that set our Premium DTF Ink apart from the competition. Thanks to it, your projects will retain their unchanged brilliance even after numerous washes and exposure to external factors.

Oeko-Tex Passport Certificate:

Our product meets the highest ecological and health standards, confirmed by the Oeko-Tex Passport certificate. Environmental safety and user well-being are our priorities.

Compatibility with Epson Printers:

Our ink is perfectly compatible with printers equipped with Epson printheads.

Perfect Compatibility of Components

Our inks work seamlessly with our film and powder, ensuring the achievement of perfect printing results. Projects printed using our components turn out excellent, thanks to the perfect alignment of all kit elements.

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