We specialize in professional DTF printing on rolls with a width of 60 cm, 30 cm, and also on A3 sheets. We use our own Premium products of the highest quality on the market. Our DTF Ink and DTF Film are OEKO-TEX certified.

Our colors are characterized by high depth, and the white is a true white (not gray, not creamy, not semi-transparent) with excellent coverage. We offer standard 100% coverage of the white layer, but we can adjust the amount of white ink according to your preferences. We typically use our TPU DTF Elastic powder with a grain size of 80-170um, but upon request, we can use any powder from our range.

We use modern, multi-head DTF printers, which ensures high production throughput. We utilize specially tailored color profiles for our printers, inks, and films, resulting in prints that better reproduce what the customer sees on their screen. Our printers are perfectly calibrated, ensuring perfect precision and no noise on the print (grain is not noticeable).

We fulfill prints up to 20 meters within one business day. For larger orders, the processing time may take up to 2 business days.