Folia DTF glitter film 30cm

    DTF Glitter film 30 cm x 50 m


    DTF Glitter Foil, Glittery DTF Foil

    Pull-off type: Cold peel, removed when cold

    Double-sided matte

    Size: 30 cm x 50 m

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    DTF Glitter Foil

    The extraordinary DTF foil with a glitter effect is a modern solution that allows you to add a unique charm and shine to your textile prints. This innovative printing technology makes your designs shimmer and sparkle in the light, attracting attention and captivating anyone who lays eyes on them.

    The synergy between our DTF Powder and DTF Inks is the key to achieving perfect results. Our inks are carefully selected to ensure compatibility with DTF film and powder, guaranteeing that each print will be exactly as you envisioned.

    Unfortunately, due to changes in European Union law that came into effect in October 2023, there is no longer a legal possibility to import products based on glitter. Therefore, the glitter foils currently in our warehouse are the last available pieces.

    We encourage all those interested in our foils to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Our current stocks are limited, and once they are depleted, we will not be able to provide more glitter products due to the new legal regulations.

    Heating Parameters

    Should be heat pressed at 165°C for 12 seconds.

    After removing the foil, fix the print by repressing at 165°C for 5 seconds.

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