DTF Powder Thick 1kg

    DTF Powder Thick 1kg


    Coarse-grained, transparent DTF powder. The powder is contained in a tightly sealed drawstring bag.

    Grain size: Coarse 120 - 250 µm

    Volume: 1 kg

    Melting temperature: 95°C - 110°C

    Heating temperature: 140°C - 160°C

    Heating time: 10 - 15 s

    Additional information is available in the description below.

    Our offer includes several types of DTF powders, each tailored to specific needs for your project.


    • Coarse-grained DTF powder, suitable for thicker materials like jeans or hoodies
    • Prints are slightly thicker
    • Excellent choice for projects requiring greater adhesion
    • Ideal for large prints
    • Suitable for both manual and machine application


    • The most elastic DTF powder, pleasant to the touch
    • Ideal for thin to medium-thick materials
    • Provides durable and flexible prints
    • Suitable for both manual and machine application


    • Fine powder, excellent for precise details
    • Perfect for creating small elements like tags on shirts
    • Forms a very thin layer, requires a special shaker to remove it from the film


    • Prevents color migration
    • Universal grain size
    • Suitable for both manual and machine application

    Compatibility with our DTF Inks and DTF films

    Our powder blends perfectly with our ink and film, ensuring ideal print results. Prints using our components come out perfectly, thanks to the perfect compatibility of all elements in the set.

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